Employee Issue Consultation

Employee Issue Consultation

Our Consultants place an emphasis on being available to our clients and providing a quick response to calls and e-mails. We especially take pride in getting to know our clients and their businesses and being more than an anonymous person answering a question. Clients contact us to discuss options regarding employment issues along with the rights and obligations of both the employee and the company.

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought the value and importance of Sloan Montgomery’s Consultation service into clear focus. Other common reasons clients reach out to us include:

Disciplinary and Termination Issues

Making sure that all angles have been considered before taking action.

Wage Payment

Questions regarding

❖ allowable deductions from pay;

❖ payment during absences;

❖ travel pay;

❖ overtime requirements;

❖ payment upon separation, etc.

Leave of Absence

Proper handling of absences due to workplace injuries, maternity, illnesses and injuries and other reasons.

Harassment and Discrimination

Making every effort to resolve potential situations in house before an employee feels the need to seek outside assistance.