Handbook Development and Review

Handbook Development and Review

Still a cornerstone of the employment relationship, handbooks serve as a central point of reference for new hires, ongoing employees, and management. Sloan Montgomery offers assistance reviewing and updating existing manuals or in the development of a new version.

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Key features include:

❖ A properly formatted “not-a-contract” disclaimer and acknowledgment of receipt formatted to offer increased protection from potential claims of breach of contract or wrongful termination.

❖ Recommended statements and policies regarding Equal Opportunity Employment, Disabilities, Harassment and Discrimination, Workplace Violence, etc.

❖ Internal benefit policies such as Paid Time Off, Wage Payment, Insurance and Retirement eligibility, etc.

❖ Detailed Family and Medical Leave Act provisions, if applicable, or a custom Leave of Absence policy.

❖ Workplace rules and disciplinary procedures designed to provide maximum flexibility to management.

❖ Up-to-date technology policies addressing use of company information technology; personal smart phones and devices; and social media.