Management Training

Management Training Services

Too often, avoidable issues arise when Managers and Supervisors act without understanding the potential consequences. Sloan Montgomery is a trusted resource for Management Training, conducting on-site sessions for individual companies as well as business groups and industry associations. These sessions provide a working knowledge of the most common employment regulations along with recommendations on how to handle problem situations. Available topics are shown below.

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Company Managers and Supervisors - Training to prevent unnecessary mistakes

Harassment and Discrimination Avoidance and Response (45 minutes)

Our most popular topic. Recommended by the EEOC for all supervisory employees as part of a comprehensive anti-harassment program. Awareness training for non-management employees is also available.

Discipline and Termination Procedures (45 minutes)

Information needed in counseling meetings and warnings; amount of documentation needed; one-and-done vs ongoing situations; investigations; separation procedures.

Unemployment Cost Control (30 minutes)

How unemployment claims affect the bottom line. How to properly respond to claims. Common missteps to avoid. This session is often combined with Discipline and Termination (60 total mins).

Federal Wage & Hour and State Wage Payment Regulations (45 minutes)

Overview of the most common areas where payroll mistakes are made including misclassification of employees, work off-the-clock, improper wage deductions, break and lunch periods, etc.

Leave of Absence Regulations (30 minutes)

Addresses the interplay between the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and Workers Comp requirements.

Big Picture (75 minutes)

The “headlines” from all of the above topics designed to “ring a bell” with managers to consult with Human Resources or upper management before taking an action.

Business Groups and Associations

30 minute sessions perfect for a lunch meeting or as part of a full day program.

Top 10 Mistakes

An overview of the major employment regulations and some of the most common issues.

Common Wage and Hour Issues

The most common mistakes made by employers regarding proper wage payment.

Unemployment Cost Control

A quick look at why an employer’s state unemployment tax rate may be high and how it can be lowered.