Our Services

Compliance Audits

In-depth reviews of compensation and employment practices to identify areas of potential non-compliance with Wage and Hour, State Department of Labor, EEOC, and related federal and state requirements. Audits are conducted in the same manner as those brought by federal and state investigators.

Personnel Files Reviews

Guidance is provided on the proper completion of the required and recommended new hire and general personnel forms.

Policy Review and Development

Customization of policies to fit the specific needs of a client. Handbook review and development is also available.

Expert Negotiations

Our consultants have directly assisted clients in the resolution of federal Wage and Hour and EEOC charges as well as state level Dept. of Labor complaints in the Carolinas and Georgia.


We take pride in being available to our clients and providing a quick response to voice and e-mail messages. Clients typically contact us to discuss the company’s and the employee’s rights and obligations when a disciplinary, leave of absence or other employment related situation arises.

Unemployment Claims Management

Assistance will be available in the management of unemployment claims, including guidance through the initial claim, appeal and hearing process, and discussion with the appropriate members of management of the issues and procedures of appeal hearings. Sloan Montgomery has a proven track record of helping clients reduce their state unemployment tax rate.

Management Training

  • Discipline and Termination Procedures
  • Federal Wage & Hour and State Wage Payment Regulations
  • Harassment and Discrimination Avoidance and Response
  • Unemployment Cost Control
  • Leave of Absence Regulations