Compliance Reviews

Payroll, Personnel & Compliance Audits

In-depth reviews of compensation and employment practices to identify areas of potential non-compliance with Wage and Hour, State Department of Labor, EEOC, and related federal and state requirements.

Wage and Employment Audits

Completing new hire paperwork and getting employees paid is a necessity for every employer. Sloan Montgomery reviews these processes with our clients through on-site audits to help keep everything up-to-date and in order.


We frequently see companies become subject to back wage assessments and penalties resulting from the unintentional violation of state and federal wage payment regulations they did not know existed. Our periodic on-site payroll audits lessen this risk by reviewing the areas typically investigated by the federal Wage and Hour Division and state Department of Labor.

Employee Files

Whether completed on paper or electronically, there are numerous items that are required or recommended for all new hires and ongoing employees. As part of the audit process, Sloan Montgomery consultants will review the documents in use to ensure they are current and properly completed and will assist in developing and updating forms.