Unemployment Management

Unemployment Management

While the employer rate for most payroll taxes remains unchanged year-to-year, state unemployment rates are reset annually based on the actions of each company or organization. Below is an overview of the annual range of rates that may be due for each employee who earns the full base wage in a calendar year:

South Carolina $14,000.00 $8.40 $764.40
North Carolina $25,200.00 $14.10 $1,399.68
Georgia $9,500.00 $3.80 $718.20

Sloan Montgomery has an established history of helping clients achieve the lowest available rates in each state through experienced management of the separation and unemployment claims process. This includes:

❖ Training with management regarding discipline and termination procedures and how the unemployment process works.

❖ Availability to discuss issues with clients prior to separation to put the employer in the best position to contest unwarranted benefit claims.

❖ Consultation and guidance on submitting an initial response when a claim for benefits is received.

❖ Assistance with filing appeals when necessary.

❖ Preparation for appeal hearings to ensure the appropriate witnesses are participating and are prepared and that the relevant evidence is properly submitted.

❖ Troubleshooting as needed when improper charges against a client’s account are discovered.